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Quartz stone is made of 93% nature quartz with Resin, Pigment and Auxiliary agent. Quartz crystal is one of the most hardest material in nature, which make the quartz stone to be with excellent hardness and not easy to be scratch by sharp articles.Different from solid surface sheet/material, high content of nature quartz, raw material for making quartz stone can’t flow, then it can’t be produce by auto-casting. Quartz stone need to be manufactured by pressing. After mixing nature quartz, resin, pigment, auxiliary agent completely, the raw material will be spread out even in the special mould. Then the mould will be transferred to the vacuum high pressure vibrating machine. several minutes later, clintheriform material will be transferred to curing machine to be cured completely. The curing slab will be cooled down and then will be polished and cut.by 24 grinding head machine, which will make the slab surface high glossy and the slabs will looks so beautiful and luxury.Different mould...

Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet made from Acrylic Resin, ATH, Pigment and Auxiliary agent, which allows the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet looks like natural stone with beautiful color or veins, but it is more Anti-bacterial, heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-radioactive, easier maintenance, non-absorbing and non-seam join. It is also well known as Solid Surface Material or Solid Surface Sheet.Acrylic Solid Surface, as one kind of artificial stone, it is with various size, such as 4mm,6mm, 9mm, 12.3mm, 15mm,20mm, 25mm, and the width could be from 760mm to 1500mm,which could meet customers’ request more easily. Thanks to the excellent appearance, luxury color and perfect characteristic, Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet is popularly applied for interior decoration, which we call Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops, such as kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, hospital laboratory countertops and so on. So,besides producing raw material, we could also offer fabrication by our own fabricatio...

Solid Surface Sink will make any interior decoration with unexpected elegance.Solid Surface Sinks offer a large range of design to help the designers realize their creative visions and open their mind for design.Solid Surface Sink is also one kinds of solid surface material, which made from RESIN, ATH, Pigment. Solid Surface Sink is made by mould, so there are hundreds of styles.Large, small, single, double, urban, rustic durable, nonporous, nonabsorbing, anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, solid surface sinks are as easy to be maintained and daily care.Though Solid Surface Sink is also made from Resin, ATH, Pigment and Auxiliary agent, but resin content of solid surface sink is little higher than solid surface sheet to keep it is flowability, then will be easier to cast into the mould. And higher resin content will make the solid surface sink more excellent performance, such as non-absorbing, anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, yellowing resistance, no c...

Solid Surface Basins is also made from same raw material as Solid Surface Sinks. Solid Surface Basin is also made from Resin, ATH, pigment and auxiliary agent. The extraordinary versatility of Solid Surface Basins makes it the advisable choice for bathrooms. Solid Surface Basins combine beauty, functionality, durable through years of use and stain resistance with easy to care for, and the abundant design that make Solid Surface Basin all difference.Solid Surface Basins enrich Solid Surface sanitary series because of the same material and same production process, just Solid Surface Basin’s finish is always glossy. Solid Surface Basin is usually used as countertop series, so popularly and wildly applied for bathroom and washroom. Solid Surface Basins is different form ceramic basin.Though ceramic basin’s finish is very high glossy, ceramic basin is easy to be broken. And the ceramic basin can’t be repaired after it cracked or damaged. But, Solid Surfaces Basin is more smooth, impenetr...

Solid surface freestanding bathtub is another one kind of products of solid surface sanitary material. Made from Resin, ATH, Pigment and Auxiliary agent, solid surface freestanding bathtub is also same as solid surface sink and solid surface basin.Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub is modern bathtub. It is different from the Ceramic bathtub, which is not well popularly applied at the market sooner and sooner. As if there is some tiny seam on the Ceramic Bathtub surface, will accumulate the bacteria, viruses and it is also easy to crack and hard to repair.Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub is different from steel bathtub. Steel Bathtub is made from Steel slab and the surface will be enameled. Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub is casted and made by mold, so it is real solid and no need to be enameled after took off from the mold.Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub is also different from Enameled Cast Iron bathtub. Enameled cast iron bathtub is sturdy, low abrasion resistant, hard to inst...


Opaly Composite Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on artificial material business, such as Quartz Stone, Solid Surface Sink,Solid Surface Basin, Solid Surface Sheet, whose manufacture base is a modern enterprise integrates with research, development, production, marketing and service in Quartz Stone, solid surface material, such as acrylic solid surface sheet, acrylic modified solid surface sheet, solid surface freestanding bathtub, solid surface sink, solid surface basin and etc. Which founded by an abundant experience team in the Solid Surface and Quartz stone industry, equipped with three state of art continuous casting lines, hundreds of sanitary moulds and four modern Quartz stone production lines, it is located in Foshan Sanshui. 

Opaly insists on doing both-win business with each customer and being trustable supplier to each customer, so it always does best to offer good product development, good product quality, good customer service, and try to bring good product to each customer to meet the market.

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