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How To Make The Solid Surface Countertop More Beautiful

Solid Surface sheet is with excellent wear resistance, acid & alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, compressive and flexural, anti-permeability. It is also well in processing of the turning parts,bonding, deformation, bonding.because the surface is not porous, non-penetration, so it is well in anti-pollution; also could be seamless bonding in arbitrary length, there will be no seam after adhesive and grinding of joining the several piece same material.

To make solid surface sheet with perfect appearance, it is very important of after-curing. The after- curing, which means to put the solid surface sheet at a certain temperature for a few hours. Generally, polyester resin’s strength of first curing on the production line only reaches about 50% of its maximum intensity. It will take about several weeks or even months for completely cure, and the completely curing can make the solid surface sheet is with much better strength and water resistance. Meanwhile the after-curing process can protect the solid surface sheet to avoid to deform or crack, improving the solid surface sheet’s water resistance, thermal shock resistance, increasing the strength of the matrix resin, improving the solid surface sheet’s hardness and gloss, and also prolonging the solid surface sheet’s life.

How To Make The Solid Surface Countertop More Beautiful

How To Choose Good Quality Solid Surface Sheet

Solid Surface Sheet is made from acrylic resin and ATH. It is with well toughness and hardness. It is with well corrosion resistance, UV-resistance, could also make various shapes under the condition of high temperature. Solid Surface Sheet’s aging process is very slow, could be long-term using. Solid Surface Sheet is non-toxic, no discoloration. In addition, the solid surface sheet is easily to be renovated, grinded and polished. But on the market, some solid surface sheet is made from calcium powder, to save the high cost from ATH. Because calcium carbonate powder is not stable enough, it will be easily to be damaged by encountering with hot stuff or acid. Normally, solid surface sheet’s resin content should reach 35%, as only the resin reaches a certain proportion, the solid surface sheet will be in good toughness. If using the calcium powder, solid surface sheet will become brittle and easy to crack and deform, and easy to yellow. "Real solid surface sheet could be used for about 10 years, but the calcium only can be used for about 1~2 years.

the following five tips will help customers to choose good quality solid surface sheet.

Look: checking the sample color, whether it is not pure opacity, good permeability, without similar plastic colloid feeling, no tiny hole on the surface;

smell: no pungent chemical odor.

touch: silk feeling, no astringent sense, no obvious rugged feeling.

Scratch: planning solid surface sheet sample with nails, no obvious scratches;

test: can do permeability test by soy sauce (no penetration); checking whether there is calcium carbonate by edible vinegar test whether add calcium carbonate (discoloration and without powder); burning the samples by lighters (flame retardant,  higher acrylic resin content will be less taste).

checking: check whether there is ISO quality system certification, environmental certification, quality inspection report, product warranty card and related security signs.

How To Choose Good Quality Solid Surface Sheet

Difference Between Solid Surface Sheet and Quartz Stone

Common of Solid Surface Sheet and Quartz Stone:

One, beautiful rich color same as natural stone texture and surface gloss;

Two, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no radiation, could direct contact with food;

Three, flame retardant, fire resistant;

Difference of Solid Surface Sheet and Quartz Stone:

First, different raw materials:

Solid Surface Sheet is made from ATH, acrylic, high performance resin and natural pigment by vacuum casting;

Quartz stone is composed of about 93% quartz crystal particles, the glue and resin, pigment, antibacterial agent, and then vacuum under high temperature and high pressure.

Two, plasticity:

The Solid Surface Sheet: almost no design constraints, creativity, unlimited performance.

The Quartz Stone higher content of quartz crystal for the main structure, which is harder, density, not easy to do a special shape, plasticity is lower than that of Solid Surface Sheet.

Three, stain resistance, scratch resistance

Solid Surface Sheet: easy to be scratched, should pay attention to maintenance.

Quartz stone is much better abrasion resistance, scratch resistance.

Difference Between Solid Surface Sheet and Quartz Stone 1

Four, repairing

Solid Surface Sheet: after scratched, can be repaired, grinding and polishing, prolong the service life. a long time using time;

Quartz stone: Quartz stone is high hardness, once an exception, it is can’t be repaired as Solid Surface Sheet.

Five, heat resistance

Solid Surface Sheet: heat, high temperature, heating vessels directly do not recommended to be on the Solid Surface Countertop directly, can used heat insulation pad.

Quartz stone: Although Quartz Stone is with good heat resistance, but not recommended put the heat of the vessel directly on the surface for long term, can used in heat insulation pad.

Six, the price of the price quartz stone is much more expensive than Solid Surface Sheet

Difference Between Solid Surface Sheet and Quartz Stone 2

Tips Of Operating The Quartz Stone Fabrication Machine

It is better to follow certain procedures during the operation of the quartz stone cutting machine.

1. During the fabrication, it is better to inspect and supervise the cutting conditions, and deal with or solve it immediately if there is any problem.

2. When programming, should be according to the real situation to determine the correct fabrication technology and fabrication route, to avoid the fabrication position is insufficient or take edge strength is not enough and the work piece of quartz stone scrapped in advance.

3. Checking whether the jet selection is reasonable, with the high pressure jet flow when rough machining, with low pressure jet flow when finish machine.

4. Moving workbench or spindle should be according to the distance with the work piece of quartz stone. Taking the correct moving speed and take strict precautions against moving too quickly to avoid the collision occurred.

5. To check whether the feeding speed of the electrode wire is appropriate.

6. Lines cutting must be confirmed before the procedure or the amount of compensation is correct.

7. Before the cutting, should pay attention to observe the fabrication stability, and timely adjustment of bad.

8. According to the real situation of the fabrication parts of quartz stone, to choose the open machining or close processing, in the premise of avoiding interference as far as possible to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the fabrication parts of quartz stone.During close process, the distance between the nozzle and the fabrication parts of quartz stone is generally 0.05 ~ 0.1mm.

9. Checking the wire tension is sufficient. In taper cutting, usually turn down the tension to the half tone of normal.

Tips Of Operating The Quartz Stone Fabrication Machine



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