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Pullman Hotel (Guangzhou, China)-Solid Surface Sheet-Dinning Countertop

Kitchen countertop, solid surface bathroom countertops, information desk countertop and dinning table countertop is the most application of Solid Surface Material, as Solid Surface Material is non penetrate, anti bacterial, sauce resistance, acid&alkali resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance and easy maintenance. The advantage make Solid Surface Material very popularly applied for interior decoration. As the case of Pullman Hotel dinning table countertop, the white table top could not only make the table more luxury, could also make the table top more easy to be maintained. If there is some sauce or vinegar drop on the solid surface table top, it could be removed easily by wet rap as solid surface material is non penetrated and anti baterial. Or if there is some stubborn stain of sauce or vinegar, could be removed by wet sanding paper and clear the water on the solid surface table top immediately.

Solid Surface Sheet-Dinning Countertop



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