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  • Beijing National Swimming CenterBeijing National Swimming CenterMay 26, 2017Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet is free bending and nice appearance. it is also free to fabrication for any design. As Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet is well bending, it always could give designer inspiratio...view
  • Advantage of Quartz StoneAdvantage of Quartz StoneMay 15, 2017As the Quartz Stone is more and more popular, let us try to find out the advantage of the Quartz Stone. 1). Scratch resistance:Quartz Stone made by vacuum Vibrating compression, its hardness is about ...view
  • Color of the Solid Surface Sanitary ProductColor of the Solid Surface Sanitary ProductMay 8, 2017On our Website, you may find that the color of all the Solid Surface Sanitary product, such as the Solid Surface Sink, Solid Surface Basin and Solid Surface Bathtub, are white. I, also, been always as...view
  • Opaly Solid Surface Slab and Quartz Stone SlabOpaly Solid Surface Slab and Quartz Stone SlabMay 5, 2017As Opaly is professional manufacturer of Solid Surface Material and Quartz Stone, the two plants is near to each other. So, every time, when we visit our factory together with our customers and introd...view
  • Tips Of Operating The Quartz Stone Fabrication MachineTips Of Operating The Quartz Stone Fabrication MachineMarch 24, 2017It is better to follow certain procedures during the operation of the quartz stone cutting machine. 1. During the fabrication, it is better to inspect and supervise the cutting conditions, and deal wi...view
  • The Common Problem Of Quartz Stone CountertopThe Common Problem Of Quartz Stone CountertopMarch 24, 2017Crack of the quartz stone countertop: 1.common crack situation: ⑴crack of the joint of the quartz stone countertop ⑵corner cracking of the quartz stone countertop ⑶cracking of furnace hole perimet...view
  • Storage Tips of Quartz Stone SlabsStorage Tips of Quartz Stone SlabsMarch 24, 2017While storing quartz stone, please ensure to follow the direction details : 1 quartz stone slabs should be stored vertically on a 150 angle with support at stop and bottom of the steel “A” frame. 2 ...view
  • How to Transport the Quartz Stone SlabHow to Transport the Quartz Stone SlabMarch 24, 2017While transporting the quartz stone slab, please complied with following directionscompletely: 1 Do not transport slabs horizontally and use proper “A” frames. The horizontal storage will put stress...view



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