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Application of Acrylic Solid Surface

Pure acrylic solid surface is made from MMA and ATH and natural pigment. High quality solid surface sheet has many kinds of physical properties such as wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-impact, compression, bending resistance, non-penetration and so on. Its bending, adhesion, corner and other processing has the unique advantages.

solid surface countertop

1)Common countertop: cabinet countertop, toilet countertop, window sill, dining countertop, work table countertop, computer desk, bar countertop and etc..

2)Hospital, laboratory countertop: solid surface sheet is excellent aci&alkali resistance, easy to clean, nowhere for bacterial to hide, so is popularly applied for hospital and laboratory countertop and other important occasions. It could meet the requirements of a sterile environment.

3)Solid surface sink: wash countertop, washing basin, dishes washing sink, it is not fragile, easy to maintain, wear resistance, always looks like new ones.


Commercial decoration

1)Architectural decoration

Personalized door pillar, acrylic solid surface is rich expression and shaping, could make every door pillar look like a piece of art to disseminate cultural atmosphere for the living space and add elegant temperament.

2)Decoration of commercial and entertainment places

In all kinds of business and entertainment, the radian of special shape, fine inlaid, coarse ore sudden arch, elegance of the corrosion floor and reward polishing, noble and elegant Roman counterfort, smooth bar, elegant and harmonious business counter, beautiful creative effect all show the acrylic solid surface is harmonious and elegant.

Furniture application

Solid surface sheet is an ideal material for high grade furniture countertop.

Bathroom application

Solid surface sanitary product, bathtub, personalized bathroom. It has a wealth of performance and shape, to provide a steady stream of inspiration to the designers. No matter dignified composed style, or modern concise vogue.

Art fabrication

Acrylic solid surface stone is widely applied for flower pot, sculpture, craft products, to lead the trend of future consumption.

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