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Care of Quartz Kitchen Countertops

1.Do not put high temperature or hot pot on quartz stone countertop directly or for a long time. High temperature stove or oven will damage the quartz stone countertop.

2.Should avoid the sharp object to damage the quartz countertop. No matter what kinds of kitchen countertop, when chop or make food, need to operation on the chopping block, to avoid leaving marks on the kitchen countertop, or damaging the blade, and also it is better for sanitation.

3. Keep the quartz stone kitchen countertop as dry as possible. Keeping the table clean, do not to soak or water the quartz kitchen countertop for a long time, making sure to keep the quartz stone kitchen countertop clean and dry.


4.quartz stone is high hardness. It is the advantage, also is the disadvantage of the quartz stone. Because of the high hardness, quartz stone is not easy to be fabricated and if the quartz stone have been broken by the strong pressure, it is not easy to be repaired.

5.to prevent the corrosive chemical contact with the quartz stone countertop. As Daily using, please try to avoid the corrosive chemicals contact with the quartz stone kitchen countertop.  If happened accidentally, please wash the quartz stone countertop with a large number of soap water or consult the professional technicians.

6. Avoid to exposed in the strong sunshine for a long time, it will affect the gloss of the quartz stone kitchen countertop.

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