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Do You Know How To Prolong The Service Life Of Quartz Stone

Quartz stone has a comprehensive advantage of other materials, but during the using quartz stone will also be damaged, then how to prolong the service life of quartz stone?


1.a sharp weapon may damage the surface of the quartz stone or the quartz stone itself. Though Quartz is with high hardness in the composite materials, has a very high impact scratch ability, as long as it will not be damaged by a sharp weapon, usually quartz stone will not be worn. If there is stubborn stain on the quartz stone countertop and is particularly difficult to be cleared, can try to use a gently scraping tool to remove it, meanwhile avoiding to use high hardness tool to scratch the quartz stone countertop.

2.the high temperature will damage to the quartz stone countertop. Although the quartz stone is excellent heat resistance, generally will not be damaged by high temperature, as any materials is thermal expansion and contraction. High temperature may change the internal structure of the material, and longtime using under the situation of overheating will lead unexpected damage to the quartz stone. Therefore, in the process of use should avoid open fire barbecue the quartz stone countertop, and do not put high temperature containers directly on the quartz stone countertop, should use the pot pad to protect the quartz stone countertop.

3.Ultraviolet UV-radiation will affect the gloss and bright of the quartz stone appearance, resulting uneven color or fade of the quartz stone’s color.




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