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How Do Our Factory To Produce Solid Surface Sheet

There is acrylic solid surface and acrylic modified solid surface sheet of our NEQ solid surface sheet.as you know, solid surface sheet is popularly applied for the countertop as it is various color and luxury appearance, but do you know how we produce the beautiful materials?


The difference of acrylic solid surface sheet and acrylic modified solid surface sheet is the resin. The resin for acrylic solid surface sheet pure acrylic resin, but the resin for the acrylic modified one is the unpolyster resin and MMA. When we produce solid surface sheet, first, we will prepare the resin, ATH, chips, pigment, auxiliary agent such as antifoaming agents, ultraviolet absorbent and so on, which will make the solid surface material good performance. All the raw material should be at regular content rate. Second, all the raw material will be putted into a stirred tank and will be mixed completely. Then the mixed raw material will be auto casted to the production lines. There will be protect film on the production line to protect the material not to stick on the production line and to make the solid surface sheet’s surface smooth. Then the material will solid slowly as it will release heat for the raw material react on the production line. When the raw material arrives the end of the production line, it will solid completely and become solid surface slabs and the solid surface slab will be cut into request size. After the first step of production, solid surface sheet will be sent to sanding after left from production line for a whole day. Then will be repaired if there is some tiny impurity or hole on the surface. After one days later, the solid surface sheet will be polished. Then the solid surface sheet will be packaged and sent to the warehouse.

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