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How to install freestanding bathtub

Installation notes for freestanding bathtub:

Actually, it should be placement of freestanding bathtubs, because freestanding bathtub does not need any earth installation. Though it only need to place simply on the position decided, there is also some stuff need to be paid attention to. Some matters need to pay attention to during the installation process of the freestanding bathtub:


1.First of all, need to consider the bathroom and the surrounding environment, according to the lighting, ventilation, floor and wall color, determine the position where will be best place for installing the freestanding bathtub. need to pay attention that freestanding bathtub is the visual center of the bathroom, should match with other facilities of the bathroom and the color of the bathroom decoration. Therefore, it is very important for choosing the right installation position of the freestanding bathtub.

2.Secondly, need to consider the bathtub water inlet hole and the water outlet hole for the freestanding bathtub. Before the installation of the freestanding bathtub, should consider the position of water inlet hole and the water outlet hole or channel reservation place. When install, the freestanding bathtub need to be close to the wall, but should be at least 20cm-30cm away from the wall, also provide an area in size of two square meters for the freestanding bathtub.

3.The installation of the freestanding bathtub is much more convenient, as long as the bottom of the freestanding bathtub just only need to connect with the drainage port, and the upper connects with the inlet pipe. Also the cleaning of the freestanding bathtub is more convenient.

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