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How To Maintain Acrylic Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub

The maintenance for the solid surface freestanding bathtub. Should check the material first and then clean by manual. the advantages of acrylic solid surface freestanding bathtub is that is light, no rust, insulation resistance, easy to be cleaned. It is very common currently on the market. Recommended to clean the acrylic solid surface freestanding bathtub once a week, cleaning with a sponge or cloth, do not use coarse cloth, scouring pad, but also need to avoid directly contacting with sunlight and high temperature cigarette. It is better to use a mild detergent or water glass to do cleaning, don't use abrasive cleaning agent. In addition, many chemicals will make the acrylic solid surface freestanding bathtub to lose luster, so don't use detergent with corrosive.


1 vinegar
Want to remove incrustation scale of solid surface freestanding bathtubs and the faucet, could cover with a cloth dipped in vinegar on the stubborn dirt for a whole night. And at the next day, baking soda and vinegar to tune into a paste, and brushing by a toothbrush have dipped in paste to clean.

2 cleaning with the old newspaper
Could try to wipe the bathtub by using old newspaper, in order to clear stubborn dirt, and then could wipe the stubborn dirt by using a clean cloth or brush dipped in detergent gently, and at last rinsing by lots of water.

3 special cleaning agent for acrylic solid surface freestanding bathtub
Using the bathtub cleaning agent, not only can remove the soap scale, scale on the surface of the acrylic solid surface freestanding bathtub effectively, it is also effect to the stubborn scale which is difficult to be removed, time-saving and labor-saving, also friendly to the surface of the acrylic solid surface freestanding bathtub without damage.

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