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How To Prolonging The Service Life The Solid Surface Kitchen Sink

1.The solid surface kitchen sink should be installed last
Solid surface kitchen sink should be installed last of kitchen renovation. As the installation of solid surface kitchen sink is not big project, could prepare the installation stuff in advance, and wait for the professional technician to install.


2. Water pipes should be discharged before the installation
Before installing, should discharge the water in the water pipes, if there is water in the water pipes, it will make solid surface kitchen sink to leakage or rust in the future.

3.Installation of the faucet must be firm
When installing the solid surface kitchen sink, should pay attention that the convergence is firm, but also pay attention to that the position of hot and cold water pipes, do not make mistake. If the installation of the faucet is not firm, it will make side gap of the solid surface kitchen sink, and there will be leakage phenomenon later.

4. Should be cleaned completely after the installation
As the installation is complete, it is necessary to clean the solid surface kitchen sink to remove the debris totally. In addition, at the daily cleaning, could clean or maintenance the solid surface kitchen sink in this way, using the warm water, washing liquid and soft cloth cleaning as far as possible for cleaning, common stains can be removed immediately; the usual stains should not using a strong detergent to be cleaned; but as the tea, coffee, fruit juice, it is best to be cleaned by water or cleaning agents immediately, avoiding the alkali deposits residual in the solid surface kitchen sink.




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