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How to remove scratches from solid surface countertops

Repairing little scratch mark by water sanding


when do cooking, there may be some slightest mistake, but it will make the solid surface kitchen countertop some unsightly scratches. When there is some slight scratches, you could use the sandpaper in mesh 600,1200,2400 to polish the scratch on the kitchen countertop according to the depth of the scratch.

First, wet the low granularity sandpaper by pouring water on to it and then flat the wet sanding paper on theglass, please pay attention do not water the sanding paper too much. Second, sanding the solid surface kitchencountertops gently back and forth by flat grinding. After that, you could choose the higher mesh water sanding paper to sanding the kitchen countertop, then clean the solid surface kitchen countertop by the scouring pad again. At last, polishing the solid surface kitchen countertop by ointment for further polishing treatment. If the scratch on the solid surface kitchen countertop is for a very long time or very deep, it is better to contact with the manufacturer or supplier for professional treatment.




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