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Opaly Solid Surface Slab and Quartz Stone Slab

As Opaly is professional manufacturer of Solid Surface Material and Quartz Stone, the two plants is near to each other. So, every time, when we visit our factory together with our customers and introduce the two plants to them. Then, they will ask ‘which material you think is better?’ actually, about this question, in my opinion, there is nothing about which one is better, each material has its own advantages.

1. Both of Solid Surface Slab and Quartz Stone could be various colors, and could do color match according to the original sample;

2. Solid Surface Slab is not as hard as Quartz Stone, so, it is easy to be fabrication, especially, the Acrylic Solid Surface Slab, which could be well bending and could be fabricated to many complicate design if needed. And the Solid Surface Slab could be joined seamlessly, so, there will be no any seam after fabrication at the joint. As the hardness of Quartz Stone is higher, so, it is hard to be fabricated or there will be seam at the joint. And as it is so hard, the design will be dull;

3. The hardness of Quartz Stone is much harder than the Solid Surface Slab, so the Quartz Stone is much more scratch resistant than the Solid Surface.

Depending on the advantage, we believe all customers could find which one is the better for them.

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