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Solid Surface Shower Bases Advantages Disadvantages and Product Options

Solid Surface Shower Base is belong to Solid Surface Sink. Solid Surface Shower Base is made from Resin, ATH and pigment same as Solid Surface Sinks. So its resin content is higher, about 40%.



The higher resin content will make the solid surface shower base more excellent performance, such as non-absorbing, anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, yellowing resistance, no color fade, chemical resistance, easy maintenance, repairable;

Also, higher resin content of solid surface shower base keeps the raw material is good flowability, then will be easier to cast into the mould and there are many kind of style could be choose from and customize is available;

Its exceptionally smooth surface makes solid surface shower base easy to be cleaned and little bacteria to grow;



As the higher resin content of Solid Surface shower base, its hardness will be not very high, so maybe could be scratch sometime for improper using. But don’t worry about it. The small scratch mark could be buffed away with a light duty scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleanser. Or if there is some serious scratch or cut mark, could be removed by wet sanding paper about 600matt;

Production Options:

As Solid Surface Shower Base applied for bathroom, it should be alkali resistant, non-absorbing, anti-bacterial, heat resistance, stain resistance, yellowing resistance, no color fade. There is a simple way for you to option good quality solid surface shower base. Removing the wax on part of the surface of the solid surface shower base, then drop several drips of acid liquid, such as dilute hydrochloric acid(like as toilet clean agent) on the surface, if there is bubble appearing on the surface, the solid surface shower base is in bad quality. Otherwise, there is no bubble comes out, it is good quality.

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