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The Classification of Countertops

The Classification of Countertops

According to the material countertops can be divided into Artificial stone, quartz, diamond, marble, granite, stainless steel.

1. Man-made stone countertops
Artificial stone can be divided into artificial acrylic stone and artificial quartz stone.
Artificial acrylic consists of trona powder, resin and natural pigment polymerization, the main composition of ore powder is aluminum hydroxide Al (OH) 3.
Well-known brand: DuPontTM Corian, Kuraray

Advantage: Smooth surface texture is strong, good toughness joining together seamlessly, modelling changeable, color variety, soft problems easy to repair. Use time is too long, to burnish can if brightness is new again.

Disadvantage: Low hardness is not durable, easy to have scratch, porous color absorption, not heat-resisting, fluidity, aging is easy to change color, it should pay special attention to when choosing light especially white coutertops.


2. Artificial quartz stone countertops

Artificial quartz stone, up to 93% of natural quartz (SiO2) as main material, and adding saturated resin, mineral pigment, complexing agent, additives, etc. Quartz, also belong to a kind of artificial stone, but people are used to divide the quartz.
Well-known brand: Siletone, Caesar stone

Advantage: The artificial stone resistance to high temperature, high hardness, high density not easy ooze color, more resistant to dirt easy clean, anti-aging, resistance to fade

Disadvantage:Because quartz hardness and high density, modelling is a single, not do complex shape, not easy to repair, seamless splicing.

3. Natural stone countertops
Natural stone are mined from natural rock mass is processed into a plate type material, the family is decorated mainly both with granite and marble.
Granite is the aluminum silicate as the main component of magmatic rocks, the main chemical composition is aluminum oxide and silicon oxide, belong to the hard stone, very suitable for kitchen countertops.

Advantage: uniform granite plate pattern, color is rich, hard, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, simple sense is strong. With sesame, black, blue, green,brunet granite such as black, black gold sand make ambry mesa, generally there will be no oil stain seepage problem, price is much higher than synthetic stone ambry mesa.

Disadvantage: stone material short, generally at about 2.5 meters, do need long mesa stitching, seams, processing complex, installation is trouble, after all, a bit of a radiation.

4. Stainless steel countertops
Stainless steel mesa is in 1.2 ~ 2 mm steel sheet package on the plates in the cupboard suppression and become, there are 201 model plank and 304 model plate, common type 304.

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