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The Classification Of The Solid Surface Basin

According to the installation location, there is independent Solid Surface Basin and built-in Solid Surface Basin.

1. The total independent Solid Surface basin, which will be completely on the table, also called Solid Surface Bowls, on the table Solid Surface Pots.

The advantage of the total independent solid surface basin is that it is with casual style, visually reveal personality, easy to install, just only need to open a hole on the table and then it can be connected with the hole, and also there could enough place for store a lot of items. Also, the independent solid surface basin is freely to be replaced if it has been damaged; but the independent solid surface basin is a little higher for children and the sewage may will splash on the table and on the ground, can't be received into the solid surface basin, is not easy to be maintained. Independent solid surface basin is for large space, need fixed bracket.


2. Built-in Solid Surface basin: flanging solid surface basin and solid surface basin which hemmers on the table.

The advantages of the built-in solid surface basin is it is with moderate height, there will be enough space for placing many items for bath or cosmetic products, and the overall effect of the built-in solid surface basin is distinguished; but the exposed part of the built-in solid surface basin is rarely, so the agglutinate edge for the built-in solid surface basin and the solid surface countertop is easy to be dirty, and it is not easy to be changed, the sewage may will be splashing onto the table, can’t be recovered into the pool, not easy to be maintained, and the overall visual effect depends on the solid surface countertop, so built-in solid surface basin is only for larger space, and needs fixed bracket for supporting.





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