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Things to consider before buying a stand alone bathtub

1.material for standalone bathtub:

Basically, the raw manufacturing material determines the performance of stand alone bath, determining that kind of material it is very critical when choosing a stand alone bathtub, when choosing the surface of the stand alone bathtub by hand, which feeling is more exquisite is much better; to beat softly the stand alone bathtubs to check its thickness; if conditions permitted, it is best to test and distinguish the noise and heat insulation of the stand alone bathtub. At present, the mainly raw materials for bathtub is ceramics, cast iron, steel, acrylic solid surface, glass and so on, the performance of each kind of bathtub is different depending on materials, it is recommended to have a simple understanding of various material for bathtub before purchasing.


2.supporting components:
The most basic requirements of the stand alone bathtub is that could support the back, the height of the support should be sufficient, which should also be able to provide gentle support to the head and neck. In addition, the size and the position of the faucet hole also needs to be considered.

Now there are many kinds of style of stand alone bathtub in the market, some ones is similar to the deck chair which backrest height is little higher than normal; some ones looks like giant flower pot which has four supported feet, so it is also important to pay attention to this point when choose the stand alone bathtub.

3.style collocation:
Because of the diversity style of the stand alone bathtubs, it can be matched with decorative style of the bathroom, so when choosing the stand alone bathtub, should be much more careful to the style and shape, try to match the decoration style of the bathroom as far as possible, then it could reflect the decoration coordination and unity of bathro

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