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Tips for Installing Solid Surface Countertops

I.In order to ensure the installation quality of the solid surface countertop, you need to pay attention to the several points before installation.

1.When doing graphic design, should pay attention to the physical properties of solid surface material, avoid cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction or stress concentration, must give full consideration to select the joints of feeder position, to avoid connection at the corner or mouth bit, such as shown in Figure 1-1


2.When designing the corner of solid surface contertop, should give full consideration to the stress concentration may cause cracking at the corner solid surface countertop, so when do fabrication, should keep all the radius of corner is more than 25mm arc angle, such as shown in Figure 2-1:

3.When do design of the stove hole, its location should be away from the edge of the solid surface countertop more than 80 mm, preventing cracking of the stove hole. First, cutting with cutting machine or curve sawing first to make hole, then grinding trimming by hand mill or gong machine, to make the trimming smooth, four corners of the circular arc radius uniform. As the hole edge cutting by curve sawing or cutting machine, there will be serrated seal or even residual crack, it is easy to cause cracking. As shown in figure 3-1:


4.The hole angle radius of the stove hole should be more than 25mm. must use homogeneous plate to reinforce the angles of the four sides "as shown in the figure", there should be certain space between shaft and the solid surface countertop and the spatial distance should be 4mm-6mm. also there should be insulation cloth and tin foil insulation around the hole to protect the solid surface countertop. As shown in figure 4-1:

5.When design the solid surface countertop, should consider the stairs, elevators, doors and other transport channels which will limit the size of the solid surface countertop. The site joint should meet the requirements of the joint seam.

6.The gap between solid surface countertop and wall, cabinet (As shown in Figure  6-1), which can effectively guarantee the solid surface countertop will not crack expansion and contraction.

7.When designing the solid surface countertop support or support plate, should make sure the maximum distance is not more than 600 mm, to reduce the deformation or fracture of solid surface countertop.

II.Installation of solid surface countertop

1.The deployment and use of solid surface adhesive
(1)Should select the specified color glue according to the different varieties of solid surface sheet, do not abuse solid surface adhesive.
(2)Paying attention to the effective date of the solid surface adhesive, must strictly abide the proportion of the curing agent and the solid surface adhesive.

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