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Tips Of Operating The Quartz Stone Fabrication Machine

It is better to follow certain procedures during the operation of the quartz stone cutting machine.

1. During the fabrication, it is better to inspect and supervise the cutting conditions, and deal with or solve it immediately if there is any problem.

2. When programming, should be according to the real situation to determine the correct fabrication technology and fabrication route, to avoid the fabrication position is insufficient or take edge strength is not enough and the work piece of quartz stone scrapped in advance.


3. Checking whether the jet selection is reasonable, with the high pressure jet flow when rough machining, with low pressure jet flow when finish machine.

4. Moving workbench or spindle should be according to the distance with the work piece of quartz stone. Taking the correct moving speed and take strict precautions against moving too quickly to avoid the collision occurred.

5. To check whether the feeding speed of the electrode wire is appropriate.

6. Lines cutting must be confirmed before the procedure or the amount of compensation is correct.

7. Before the cutting, should pay attention to observe the fabrication stability, and timely adjustment of bad.

8. According to the real situation of the fabrication parts of quartz stone, to choose the open machining or close processing, in the premise of avoiding interference as far as possible to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the fabrication parts of quartz stone.During close process, the distance between the nozzle and the fabrication parts of quartz stone is generally 0.05 ~ 0.1mm.

9. Checking the wire tension is sufficient. In taper cutting, usually turn down the tension to the half tone of normal.

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