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Various Application of Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet

As the well performance of the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet, it is well scratch resistant, alkali& acid resistant, stain resistant, easy maintenance, easy clean, so, it is wildly applied for normal information countertops, kitchen countertops, walls, and so on.


Also, as the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet is well bending, it is very popularly applied for the special design. Fabricating by the mold, seamless joining could meet much creative design request.
Except for the special design, Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet also could be fabricated to the artwork, such as some beautiful ornaments. Because of the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet is well bending and could be thermoforming. Also, the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet could be fabricated by CNC and then could be painted. Now, the Acrylic Solid Surface beautiful ornaments is more and more popular.



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