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Which Is Better For Kitchen Countertops Granite Or Quartz

1.Granite countertop

Granite is made from unpolyester resin, the marble powder or granite spall.


Natural stone is with good density, high hardness, scratch resistance, good wear resistance and the its texture is very beautiful, and its cost is low.


1. Natural stone is with pore, easy to accumulate grease;

2. granite stone is not very long, there will be seam when join the two short piece together, and it will be easy to breed bacteria between the seam;

3. granite’s density is high, need strong support; and its flexibility is not enough, in case of a crack it will be occurrence, and will be very difficult to repair. And there is some tiny natural crack, in case of rapid changes in temperature, it will break.

Special Tip:

Granite is radioactive and toxic, which does not meet the environmental requirements. If there is no special treatment, it may be bad to the health, so it is best to choose to do radiation testing before buying.


2. Quartz stone countertop

Quartz Stone is made of quartz crystal as main raw material under high temperature and high pressure condition.


To ensure high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean, quartz stone is also with no harmful radioactive elements to health. Quartz Stone contains about 93% natural quartz crystal, resin and pigments and other auxiliary agent, formed by vacuum pressure, it is extremely complex. After polishing quartz stone will look like granite, with rich color as marble. It is corrosion resistance as glass,


High prices, can’t be done seamless splicing as acrylic solid surface, there always will be seam of join.

Special Tip

Because quartz have higher requirements to fabrication technology, and there are good and bad quality of quartz stone, so should choose a god reputation, service brand with guarantee.

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