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Why Quartz Stone is More And More Popular

As Solid Surface Sheet have been popularly applied for almost 20years in the market. However, under the new request of the countertop material, the Quartz Stone is more and more popular, then why this happen?


1). Scratch resistance:
Quartz Stone made by vacuum Vibrating compression, its hardness reaches 6~7.5 Mohs.

2). high temperature resistance, burning resistance:
The raw material for making Quartz Stone is with high melting point (the high melting point is about 1300 degrees), and after the high pressure vacuum pressing, so Quartz Stone is with high temperature resistance.

3). the real stone feeling:
Quartz Stone contains 93% the quartz crystal, so the feeling of Quartz Stone is very similar to the natural stone.

4). Stain resistant, non-penetration;
The surface of Quartz Stone is very compact, it is dense and nonporous, and its bibulous rate is almost zero; oil, butter, coffee, tea, fruit juice, such as acid and alkali substances could not penetrate, so it is extremely strong anti-pollution.

5). antibacterial:
The Quartz Stone is real solid, not only the surface, but also the internal are same dense, nonporous and seam, and it contains certain antibiotics, so could prevent the bacteria breeding, and could contact with food and skin directly.

6). no radiation, green environmental;
Quartz stone is made from natural crystallization mineral, which is one of the world's most abundant inorganic materials, its Si02 (SiO2) content reaches more than 99.9%, the content rate of radioactive elements is very rare.

7). not easy to break;
The thickness of Quartz Stone is 20mm/30mm, so it is not easy to fracture.

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