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Quartz Stone --- quartz countertop, quartz worktops, engineered quartz, engineered stone countertops, quartz slabs, engineered quartz countertops, quartz tile, quartz bathroom countertops, quartz composite countertops, quartz kitchen worktops, quartz flooring, quartz worktop

Solid Surface Sheet --- solid surface worktops, acrylic solid surface, solid surface shower walls, solid surface vanity tops, solid surface countertops, solid surface shower pan, solid surface bathroom countertops, solid surface kitchen countertops

Solid Surface Sink --- undermount bathroom sinks, undermount kitchen sink, undermount bathroom sink, modern bathroom sinks, bathroom vanities and sinks, bathroom sink bowls, acrylic sink

Solid Surface Basin ---solid surface basin, vanity sinks, vanity basin, bathroom basins, washing basin, modern sinks, undermount bathroom sinks, bathroom wash basins, countertop basins, bathroom pedestal sink, counter top sinks

Solid Surface Bathtub --- solid surface bathtub, stand alone bathtubs, solid surface shower base, freestanding soaking tub, modern bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, acrylic bathtub

As a solid surface sheet manufacturer and quartz stones exporter, we also provide customized solid material products according to customer’s sample.

For wide application of solid surface sheet and quartz stones, we offers customized service for options to different applications. We have our own factory and professional technician team could do customization according to your original sample, which will satisfy your request.

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  • Solid Surface Bathtub OE005Solid Surface Bathtub OE005March 20, 2017Opaly Bath Tubs, the Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs, are Free Standing Tubs.OE005 is one of the Opaly Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs, which size is 1585(diameter)*790(diameter)*545(depth) mm.view
  • Solid Surface Basin OA012Solid Surface Basin OA012March 20, 2017The quality of the Wash Hand Basin should be well chemical resistance. Opaly solid surface basin is really made from Resin, ATH, pigment and tiny auxiliary agent.view
  • Solid Surface Basin OA010Solid Surface Basin OA010March 20, 2017It's applied for Vanity Wash Basin of the Countertop Basin. Application for the Countertop Basin, the surface of the basin should be processed well, otherwise, the surface will be ugly, and if the surface doesn’t process well, there may will be some tinyview
  • Solid Surface Basin OA011Solid Surface Basin OA011March 20, 2017And solid surface Counter Top Basin is real solid, non-absorbing, which make the Solid Surface Basin to be more chemical resistance, stain resistance, anti-bacterial, and could be more easily for maintenance.view
  • Solid Surface Basin OA001Solid Surface Basin OA001March 20, 2017Depth of solid surface basin is shallower than the solid surface sink. Opaly OA001 is one kind of moulds of solid surface basin, which size is 1130(length)*515(width)*160(depth) mm.view
  • Solid Surface Basin OA004Solid Surface Basin OA004March 20, 2017It's applied for Counter Top Wash Basin, Bathroom Basin, especially the Bathroom Wash Basin. Currently, the popular color for the Bathroom Basin is white.view
  • Solid Surface Sink OB809Solid Surface Sink OB809March 20, 2017Opaly Solid Surface Sink is mostly applied for Undermount Kitchen Sinks, as depth of all of the Opaly Solid Surface Sink is deep, so used as the Solid Surface Kitchen Sink could be more comfortable and convenient to wash things.view
  • Solid Surface Sink OB810Solid Surface Sink OB810March 20, 2017OB810 is applied for Kitchen Undermount Sinks. As the OB810 is a square double solid surface sink, the two same size bowl will be more convenient for wash dished and more easily to be maintained, so it is good for the Kitchen Undermount Sinks.view



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