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Quartz Stone


Quartz stone is made of 93% nature quartz with Resin, Pigment and Auxiliary agent. Quartz crystal is one of the most hardest material in nature, which make the quartz stone to be with excellent hardness and not easy to be scratch by sharp articles.

Different from solid surface sheet/material, high content of nature quartz, raw material for making quartz stone can’t flow, then it can’t be produce by auto-casting. Quartz stone need to be manufactured by pressing. After mixing nature quartz, resin, pigment, auxiliary agent completely, the raw material will be spread out even in the special mould. Then the mould will be transferred to the vacuum high pressure vibrating machine. several minutes later, clintheriform material will be transferred to curing machine to be cured completely. The curing slab will be cooled down and then will be polished and cut.by 24 grinding head machine, which will make the slab surface high glossy and the slabs will looks so beautiful and luxury.

Different mould make various size to be available, such as12mm, 15mm,20mm,30mm, and the length could be3000mm,3050mm,3200mm,width could be1500mm,1600mm. Due to the luxury color, especially the excellent hardness, quartz stone is popularly applied for kitchen countertop, information countertop, laboratory countertops, floors and so on.

Over couples kinds of quartz stone hot color that customers could choose from. If the current color could not satisfy customer’s request, our professional technician team could do well color match according to original sample. even the Ceasar stone or Silestone color is also available.

Due to years of production experience in the quartz stone industry, strictly control in raw material quality checking, each step of production process and first class service, our product not only pass SGS test, get ISO,NSF certification, but also gain customers’ compliments.

Quartz stone is high hardness, then it will be more difficult for quartz stone’s fabrication, normal wood fabrication tool is unavailable and need to use the special fabrication tool such as diamond knife.

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