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Solid Surface Basin OA001

  • Introduction


Opaly solid surface basin is a modern Washing Basin. Different from the solid surface sink, all the depth of solid surface basin is shallower than the solid surface sink. Opaly OA001 is one kind of moulds of solid surface basin, which size is 1130(length)*515(width)*160(depth) mm. OA001, which is a long square Modern Wash Basin, and as the depth of the OA001 is shallow, so it is better to be applied for the Hand Wash Basin. Because of the length of the Washing Basin, the installation of the Modern Wash Basin OA001 should be paid more attention, and the back support of the countertop should be more strong, otherwise, the Washing Basin OA001 will be deformed after a times of use.



2.Chemical resistance;

3.Scratch resistance;

4.Stain Resistance;

5.Sauce Resistance


7.Seamless Joins;

8.Easy maintenance;



Because of Solid Surface Basin is various style, refurbishing, excellent appearance and non-penetration, stain resistance, it has been wildly applied as,
1. Home case:

Bathroom countertop basin; washroom countertop basin

2. Commercial case:

washroom countertop basin; Transportation-interior decorating with washroom countertop basin for boats trains

Airports: washroom countertop basin;

Public buildings: washroom countertop basin;

Hospitals: washroom countertop basin;


  • Solid Surface Basin OA004

    Solid Surface Basin OA004

    March 20, 2017It's applied for Counter Top Wash Basin, Bathroom Basin, especially the Bathroom Wash Basin. Currently, the popular color for the Bathroom Basin is white.view
  • Solid Surface Basin OA012

    Solid Surface Basin OA012

    March 20, 2017The quality of the Wash Hand Basin should be well chemical resistance. Opaly solid surface basin is really made from Resin, ATH, pigment and tiny auxiliary agent.view
  • Solid Surface Basin OA010

    Solid Surface Basin OA010

    March 20, 2017It's applied for Vanity Wash Basin of the Countertop Basin. Application for the Countertop Basin, the surface of the basin should be processed well, otherwise, the surface will be ugly, and if the surface doesn’t process well, there may will be some tinyview



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