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Solid Surface Bathtub OE005

  • Introduction


Opaly Bath Tubs, the Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs, are Free Standing Tubs.OE005 is one of the Opaly Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs, which size is 1585(diameter)*790(diameter)*545(depth) mm. It is one kind of irregular Free Standing Tubs. Opaly Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs could be refurbished, as the characteristic of the solid surface materials.Opaly Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs may will have some tiny scratch due to different reasons, or due to the use for a long time (1 to 2 years), the Opaly Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs may will not be beautiful as new ones. But the tiny scratches or some dirty could be removed by water polishing, can’t by dry polishing, as during the polishing process, it will give out heat by the friction. The heat may will damage the surface of the Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs. So the dry polishing should be avoided to. If need refurbish the Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs, it is better to consult or hire professional experience technician to grinding, polishing the Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtubs.



2.Chemical resistance;

3.Scratch resistance; Stain Resistant


5.Easy maintenance;

6.100% renewable and repairable;


Because of solid surface bathtub is real solid and anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, non-absorbing, it have been widely applied for,

1. Home case:

Bathroom solid surface freestanding bathtub;

2. Commercial case:

Hotel:washroom solid surface freestanding bathtub


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