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Solid Surface Sheet


Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet made from Acrylic Resin, ATH, Pigment and Auxiliary agent, which allows the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet looks like natural stone with beautiful color or veins, but it is more Anti-bacterial, heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-radioactive, easier maintenance, non-absorbing and non-seam join. It is also well known as Solid Surface Material or Solid Surface Sheet.

Acrylic Solid Surface, as one kind of artificial stone, it is with various size, such as 4mm,

6mm, 9mm, 12.3mm, 15mm,20mm, 25mm, and the width could be from 760mm to 1500mm,

which could meet customers’ request more easily. Thanks to the excellent appearance, luxury color and perfect characteristic, Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet is popularly applied for interior decoration, which we call Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops, such as kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, hospital laboratory countertops and so on. So,besides producing raw material, we could also offer fabrication by our own fabrication team.it will be easy for us to offer the Solid Surface Countertops in the request size and design from all of our customers.

Over hundreds kinds of color, which could let customers to choose from. If the current color of Solid Surface Material is failed with customer’s request, the experienced and professional technician team of solid surface color matching could also do well work to meet customer’s request. such as hot color of CORIAN, STARON, LG-HIMAC will be not hard work for us.

To keep the Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet’s quality, During the production process, we are strict control in each step, to make sure the good quality of the product. And also, our raw material is best quality, some of the raw material is imported. And we comprehensive investigate each our raw material suppliers, do strictly control when there is incoming raw material for the Solid Surface Sheet manufacturing, ensuring raw materials is well quality. To keep the perfect appearance of the Solid Surface Sheet, we apply the most modern advance auto casting production line, curing machine, polishing machine.

Due to 20years’ production experience in the Solid Surface Sheet industry, Opaly Acrylic Solid Surface product not only pass SGS test, get ISO,NSF,GREENGUARD,CE certification, but also win the world wide customers’ compliments.
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