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Solid Surface Sink


Solid Surface Sink will make any interior decoration with unexpected elegance.Solid Surface Sinks offer a large range of design to help the designers realize their creative visions and open their mind for design.

Solid Surface Sink is also one kinds of solid surface material, which made from RESIN, ATH, Pigment. Solid Surface Sink is made by mould, so there are hundreds of styles.Large, small, single, double, urban, rustic durable, nonporous, nonabsorbing, anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, solid surface sinks are as easy to be maintained and daily care.

Though Solid Surface Sink is also made from Resin, ATH, Pigment and Auxiliary agent, but resin content of solid surface sink is little higher than solid surface sheet to keep it is flowability, then will be easier to cast into the mould. And higher resin content will make the solid surface sink more excellent performance, such as non-absorbing, anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, yellowing resistance, no color fade. So Solid Surface Sink is popularly applied for interior decoration ,such as kitchen undercounter sink, bathroom undermount sink , washroom undermount sink and so on. But also because of it is almost same raw material with Solid Surface Sheet, so Solid Surface Sink and Solid Surface Sheet could be seamless joined by the special solid surface material adhesive, which make the kitchen or bathroom so natural coincident and beautify the eyes.

Solid Surface Sink is also easy to maintain and care. Daily care just only need to be clear by wet soft pad. If there is small scratch mark or cutting marks accidently, it could be repaired by wet sanding paper in 600matt. And if there is some sauce stain, it could be removed by the wet scouring pad and wash by lots of water. Solid Surface Sink is also safe and recognized by NSF -51,so could get in touch with food, raw vegetable and so on.

Currently there are hundreds of kinds of mould for solid surface sink and most of them is hot modern design, warm welcomed by world wild customers. However, if the current ones could not satisfy customer’s request, we could also offer mould developing. Customers just only need to show us the drawing draft with size details, our technician colleague could do 3D photo according to the drawing draft and calculate the weight of the design. Normally the mould is glass fiber reinforce plastic and could be long term using, and only need to be little revised or maintained after produce about 300pcs solid surface sinks, the mould will be like as new one and will save the cost.



2.sauce resistance;

3.Stain Resistant


5.Easy maintenance;

Production process:

1.mixing Resin, ATH, Pigment and Auxiliary agent;


3.casting into mould;

4.take off mould;



7.repairing and polishing;



Because of solid surface sink is real solid and anti-bacterial, sauce resistance, non-absorbing, it have been widely applied for,
1. Home case:

Kitchen undercounter sink, Bathroom undercounter sink;

2. Commercial case:

washroom undercounter sink;Transportation-interior decorating with washroom undercounter sink; for boats trains

Airports: washroom undercounter sink;;

Public buildings: washroom undercounter sink;;

Hospitals: washroom undercounter sink;


1.Is solid surface sink higenic?
Yes,it is;its exceptionally smooth surface makes solid surface sink easy to clean and little bacteria to grow.

2. How do a small scratch or cut to be repaired?
Scratches and cuts of the solid surface sink could be buffed away with a light duty scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleanser.

3. How do a serious scratch or cut to be repaired?
serious scratches and cuts of the solid surface sink could be removed by wet sanding paper about 600matt.

4.How do care for solid surface sink on daily basis?
Just wipe by mild dish with soap and water.

5.what finish are available for solid surface sink?


6.Could raw vegetables and meat be put in solid surface sink?

Yes. As Soolid Surfaces Sinks are nonporous, germs and anti-bacteria Solid Surfaces sinks are one of the material approved for food preparation areas in kitchen. After sanitizing, immediately rinse and clean the solid surface sinks with water.

7.will white solid surface sink be yellowing?
NO. Because resin content of solid surface sink is much more high, and solid surface sink is real solid, so solid surface sink will be not yellowing.

8.how is capability of solid surface sink?

One mould could make 10pcs each day;
9.Could solid surface sink seamless joined with solid surface countertop?
Yes, it is available;

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